Give your video the final touch

A user selecting between different avatars to vocalize their product page

Choose from 10 AI actors to be the new face of your product

Our proprietary AI with human emotion technology means each AI actor is as engaging as real humans, no directing required !

Edit the spoken text to make the audio narration perfectly fit your product style.

Choose from 60+ voices.
A user changing the voice and background of their video using the Vime studio video editing software

Business owners are loving Vime

"I’m not much of a technology person, however, I found Vime to be intuitive and easy to use.
It generated the perfect video to showcase our unique bar experience."

Arienti M.

"I sell bouquets online to international clients and I wanted to showcase my work in a way that was familiar to them."

Anastasia H.

“I’ve always wanted to create videos to showcase my menu but did not have the time or budget.
With Vime, I was able to take my restaurant to new heights and find new food lovers!”

James S.
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